Amino Manifesto on Fulfilling the Promise of TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere is pervasive – or at least the promise of accessing TV content from any device at any time drives discussion, development and consumer adoption of services. Why?

Consumers Crave Convenience. As consumers become more technologically savvy, convenience in accessing great content is an expectation that can influence a consumer’s satisfaction with a video provider. While mobile video has been touted as the next big thing, the vast majority of longer form, high-production-value drama, comedy and sport is still viewed in the family room on a larger screen. To this end, consumers want the convenience of an integrated pay-TV service providing a consolidated channel line-up that includes access to local TV channels, premium sports, movies and OTT streaming content and apps. They also want to access this very same content from their personal mobile devices, in and outside the home.

Personalizing the TV Experience. Consumers are enjoying increased access to video content, on their terms. This ability to consume content at the time and location of choice is exemplified by a YouGov survey that found that 47% of US audiences say they prefer TV shows where the episodes are released all at once. Two thirds of millennials want to binge watch rather than relying on traditional schedule programming. At the same time, TV Everywhere is TV nowhere if subscribers cannot find the content that is important to them. PWC research notes that 62% of consumers say they struggle to find something to watch despite have access to volumes of original content across linear and OTT channels. Personalization allows consumers to watch however they like. It also means creating watchlists, identifying favorites, selecting the user guide they like or resuming content viewing on the same or other devices at times convenient to them. Personalization requires integrating enhanced content metadata to simplify search, enhance discovery and feed recommendations to help consumers enjoy the content they crave.

Striving for a Better Customer Experience. Operators are faced with multiple challenges in their pursuit of customer satisfaction. Subscriber complaints are related to issues such as frustrating interactions with customer support or the lack of ease in navigating user interfaces. 31% of US households with a PayTV subscription experienced a negative issue within the past 12 months. The future of TV Everywhere must provide intuitive and unified user experiences, provide flexibility in managing subscriptions, simplify installation or authorization of TV everywhere devices and focus on the end-to-end delivery of high-quality video.

TV must work on every device – always. Consumers have an expectation for TV everywhere to provide the same reliable and consistent quality of service as their in-home broadcast TV service. This is not a simple task. Delivering live or on-demand content requires a backend infrastructure that addresses everything from content management to video processing to content packaging and delivery – all while addressing rights management, transcoding, metadata management, device support and more. And, most importantly, all infrastructure components must scale and adapt as needed. A consumer’s inability to access TV on every device is the path to losing a subscriber.

The promise of TV Everywhere is compelling. The path to achieving TV Everywhere requires attention to detail and an understanding of the benefits of IP/cloud innovation, scalable platform design, open source technology and importance of validating and integrating ecosystem technologies. Amino draws upon 20+ years of experience and expertise to help operator’s fulfill consumer demand for TV Everywhere.

Joachim Bergman
President EMEA and SVP AminoTV