The Amino A’s – Actions Increasing Customer Competitiveness

The Amino A’s are Amino’s core beliefs in how it interacts with customers and partners. They reflect Amino’s commitment to providing advice and taking action, while remaining agnostic, in giving them a competitive advantage. This is the second of four discussions about how we help customers compete in the TV Everywhere landscape.


Creating innovative technology solutions is central to Amino’s mission. We continually develop new solutions that empower operators to adapt to the changing conditions and demands of their marketplaces. It’s what we do.

Whether it’s cable to IP migration, growing consumer demand for advanced TV Everywhere services, introducing new technology such as operator-ready Android TV or the need to improve operating efficiencies in the face of escalating costs, Amino technology solutions enable operators to rapidly adapt to market forces and maintain a competitive advantage.

Our R&D and systems design teams draw from our longstanding IPTV heritage and expertise in the deployment of cutting-edge technology solutions for operators around the world. We provide exclusive Amino-developed technology, supply a range of world-class devices, upcycle existing infrastructure, and create unified, platform-independent ecosystems.

Examples of Amino taking action include Operation Upcycle and Operator Ready Android TV. We understand the challenges our customers face in giving their subscribers compelling features such as catch-up TV, federated search, modern user interfaces or integrated OTT apps.

In Operation Upcycle Amino collaborates with its customers to take action by updating Amino or 3rd party set-top boxes with new device software. With a proven methodology, Amino has helped operators consolidate disparate hardware devices onto a common software platform, deliver advanced features and improve operational efficiency.

With Operator Ready Android TV, Amino enhances Google’s Android TV Operator Tier with the features and capabilities important to pay-TV providers. In providing support for various media formats, DRM extensions, legacy CAS and retransmission, Operator Ready Android TV helps operators accelerate their time to market in delivering a modern multiscreen service.

We are continuously assessing the market to identify options for new ways to optimize set-top boxes, and the software that powers them, for operators facing a future that combines live, linear and OTT services. We believe in the benefits of a modern, agile, managed set-top box and have taken action to ensure our customers can easily achieve these benefits.

Donald McGarva
Group Chief Executive Officer