TV solution

How can you deliver a new TV experience or extend your existing brand and service relationship to connected consumers when they are constantly on the go?

Our MOVE TV platform lets you instantly expand your market reach and add new revenue streams with a multi-screen service offering. Seamlessly deliver a full range of in-home and mobile TV experiences including live, on-demand, catch-up and cloud-recorded content over any IP network.

Content & Data Ingest

Your streaming and on-demand content and metadata is ingested into the Amino MOVE platform from a variety of sources and formats. Amino MOVE transcodes your content into suitable formats for delivery to a wide range of client devices and applications.

Web Services

The Amino MOVE Web Services components configure your content into real TV services that you can manage, operate and the viewer engages with.


Content and services are delivered into the network by the Amino MOVE streaming servers.

Client Applications

Amino MOVE lets viewers watch your service on multiple different devices in or out of the home.

Amino MOVE is a proven end-to-end and modular TV platform. It’s part of the Amino family which includes Amino VIEW TV Devices, Amino FUSION focused on the Internet of Things, and outstanding service assurance provided by Amino ENGAGE. Amino MOVE is already deployed and trusted by leading broadcasters and operators.

Any Screen, Anywhere, Anytime

Amino MOVE means you can ingest, protect and stream video content to any screen, anywhere, anytime. This includes iOS and Android devices, smart TVs, STBs, other mobile devices and Chromecast-enabled devices. Amino MOVE is the best way to retain viewers, build brand loyalty and drive revenues.

Amino MOVE can be deployed on industry standard server and NAS architecture either in your own premises or in the cloud or as a mixed model combining both on-premise and cloud components.

Proven in the field, it’s a high performance, scalable, secure cloud TV solution to help you grow your audience and minimise service complexity, reducing your cost-to-serve.

An Engaging TV Experience

Your viewers will want to be delighted with their TV experience. The Amino MOVE platform lets you deliver a range of features including

  • Linear scheduled program streams
  • Time shift features on linear streams including program restart, catch up and cloud PVR
  • On Demand content whether Catch Up programs or an online store for movies
  • Free, pay-per-view and subscription models
  • Content search and recommendations

And as TV service you will want a range of tools to meet all your needs such as

  • Content transcoding services
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Program Guides and On Demand Metadata
  • Platform and viewer reporting
  • Transactional capabilities

Increase Revenue and Reach

You need your content to reach people regardless of device. You want to know the ‘what, when and how’ of consumption so you can offer customised on-screen choices and tighten up your pitch to advertisers.

In a confused and splintering market, Amino MOVE allows you to own viewers, retain brand loyalty, and build revenue, no matter how or where people want to watch your content.

Content owners and broadcasters use Amino MOVE to connect straight to viewers, with many obvious benefits. Network operators use Amino MOVE to extend services ‘off-net’ and own the viewer wherever they are.

We offer viewers the best of the cloud, without the clunky user experience: features like mobile streaming, restarts of live streams, cloud PVR, ‘’Booxmote’’ remote screen control, single sign-on and social media support.

See how Amino MOVE brings it all together.

Amino MOVE also takes the best from the legacy Pay TV world and offers more traditional favourites like catch-up, programme guides, integration of broadcast, IP streams and more.

Amino MOVE lets you ingest and manage content, encode and transcode, monitor and configure services, and conduct quality searches based on strong, fresh metadata. Amino MOVE incorporates Boox encryption and third-party DRMs; ad insertion, strong analytics and tools as well as integration with third-party payment systems.

Enrich and connect consumers with Amino MOVE.