Cloud TV & Multi-screen

Extend your existing TV service to mobile and off-net devices.

Our Amino MOVE cloud TV and multi-screen solution seamlessly delivers a full range of home and mobile TV experiences, including live streaming, network DVR, catch up and VoD services. Amino MOVE cloud TV and multi-screen solution is a comprehensive software suite and multi-screen solution is a comprehensive software suite that encompasses everything needed for broadcasters, content owners and service providers to quickly and cost-effectively launch a cloud TV service. The solution offers media capture, encoding, transcoding, storage and delivery. It is available as a service with zero hardware investment, or as a hosted solution for deploying on your own off-the-shelf standard computing hardware.

Historically video distribution has required building and operating a specialized network to meet the high bandwidth and quality of service demands of video. Aside from the huge capital outlay to build and equip such networks, network construction is a slow and expensive process that ultimately limits your market geographically. With advanced adaptive bit rate (ABR) technologies such as DASH and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), you can leverage your existing network infrastructure to deliver a better quality user experience with a TV Everywhere service that goes beyond the living room and across any screen.


  • Extend your service footprint
  • Improve network efficiency
  • Deliver video streaming to any portable device
  • Offer live, time-shifted and on-demand video services on standard off-the-shelf server and storage architecture
  • Compatible with MPEG-DASH and HLS v7 and earlier
  • Quickly and accurately adapts to variable network conditions and supports multiple simultaneous receivers, even over bandwidth restricted networks
  • Stream video services over any IP network, including mobile and the unmanaged Internet


Virtual STB Software

ENABLE transforms legacy TV service and offers a seamless and modernize user experience across both legacy and next-gen devices while extending the life and return on existing infrastructure.

Liberate yourself from Legacy TV with Amino ENABLE.

TV Devices

Deliver any content over any network to any screen at any time. Our family of hybrid TV devices – from compact client devices and high-performance recorders to media servers – are powered by our field-proven ENABLE virtual set-top box software platform.

Lead and innovate with Amino VIEW.

Cloud TV

Seamlessly deliver a full range of in-home and mobile TV experiences to instantly expand your market reach and add new revenue streams with our multi-screen service offering.

Enrich and connect consumers with Amino MOVE.

Simplified Service Assurance

A comprehensive suite of management tools that lets you efficiently and proactively support and improve your quality of service across any network.

Resolve support challenges with Amino ENGAGE.