Legacy Transformation

We ALL know how it ends

Amino believes the future is clear - all entertainment services in the cloud, delivered on-demand to all devices. Many operators now share this view – with an all IP/Cloud future providing the most powerful mix of agility and cost effectiveness in providing the seamless TV and rich service packages that consumers demand.

For many operators, transitioning to this bright new future is just not that simple. Many tell us: , “All that modern experience stuff looks great but I have the practical realities of my existing system to deal with.” With years of investment in network infrastructure, software platforms and an installed base of tens of thousands of set-top boxes, making this change can be a major strategic exercise.

At the same time, shareholders are seeking to maximize P&L and returns on these major capital intensive programmes.

We call it ”The Legacy problem”.

What if we told you Amino can drive competitive advantage for you company:

  • We can transform and modernize your consumers’ experience
  • …. consistently across numerous devices, legacy and new,
  • …. all while extending the life/return on capital of your existing infrastructure

The good news is that there’s a way forward - a path that is already field-proven in key markets around the world. We call this “upcycling” - solving the ‘legacy problem’ by empowering operators to launch video services that appeal to the modern consumer while maximizing the value of existing infrastructure.

Amino ENABLE solves the ‘legacy problem’ empowering operators to launch fresh, virtualized, consumer-centric UX and video services while maximizing the value of existing capital and infrastructure investment.

Benefits of Amino ENABLE include:

  • Combat churn and grow subscriber numbers – boosting both retention and acquisition, with some operators showing more than 200% subscriber growth after implementing the platform
  • Increase return on capital – eliminating the need to replace legacy STBs, which involves both device and installation costs, operators can save millions of dollars, cutting as much as 80% off the cost of upgrading
  • Rapid time to market – upgrading STBs with software rather than replacing them means deployment of new services and capabilities take less than a quarter of the time, so a hardware swap-out that would normally take a year is cut to just three months

Let us transform your legacy TV service and breathe new life into your old infrastructure.

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