Request Portal Access

In order to create a support account with an Amino a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be in place. If you do not already have an NDA with Amino Communications then please download our standard NDA.

If you agree with the terms and conditions contained within this document then please complete the areas marked, ensuring that you complete the affiliates list on the final page (if appropriate). It should then be signed by an authorized signatory, and either scanned, faxed or mailed back to us. Copies can be

  • emailed to
  • faxed to +44 1954 234515 (UK) or +1 678 636 6001 (US)
  • mailed to Amino Communications Limited, Buckingway Business Park, Anderson Road, Swavesey, Cambridge, CB24 4UQ, UK

Please note that this is a legal document and if you choose to email it to us then it should be a scanned copy of the complete document with a handwritten signature.

If your organisation requires any changes to the standard NDA you can request an unlocked copy from